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The Dave Sanders Story


Dave Sanders had been devastated by his wife’s death from cancer,
just eighteen months after the birth of their third child. In the blur that followed - grief,
single-parenting and the struggle to maintain a career - came a strange request:
Could Dave help a group of people whose money had been stolen in a Ponzi scheme? This Ruyak Media project with Epic Magazine, details the drama that unfolds after Dave says ‘yes,’ and how his intentions to right some terrible wrongs lead to his becoming a vigilante in trouble.



about the project

Ruyak Media, in collaboration with Epic Magazine, is developing a TV series based on The Dave Sanders Story. Epic Magazine is the team of journalists behind the Academy-Award winning film, Argo. The new series is based on Joshua Davis’ 2011 article in Wired Magazine, researched and written after Beth Ruyak literally pulled her car to the side of the road and spent an hour on the phone explaining to Joshua why this story needed to be told. (Josh actually agreed quite quickly.)

Photo: Sian Kennedy

Photo: Sian Kennedy


Dave Sanders

Dave was a fiber optic cable salesman who formed a vigilante squad to recapture money that had been stolen in Ponzi schemes. Sounds Hollywood, right? But it’s all TRUE.